Friday, December 20, 2013

Emily is Two Months Old!

It's incredible! Two months. 8 weeks. 67 days. 

Our baby is growing fast and every minute with her is precious! We adore her and we just love that everyday brings new things. She is smiling! She is cooing. She is developing her own adorable, sweet-natured, and content personality. She had her 2-month appointment and she is 10.8 pounds and 22 inches! She holds her head and is recognizing us more and more.

And...she is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! No kidding! The first night it happened, we thought it was a fluke. I appreciated every extra minute of sleep. But seriously, every night since she has slept for a six hour stretch, usually 7. I know that every baby is SO unique and who knows, it will probably be short-lived. But for now, she is a sleeping beauty and we will take it!

It's been a sad and challenging month in ways and our sweet girl has been the joy in the midst. My grandpa passed away and Matt was in a scary car accident. Through all things, we are thankful for God's comfort and protection.

This journey as new parents has been a gift in ways we would never imagine. I thank God for her and her sweetness everyday. Aw, I just love being her mommy! 

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