Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our Girls' Bedrooms

One of my favorite things has been decorating our sweet girls' rooms! And, I guess I should say it's been more like decorating rooms for Emily, and then updating the room for sweet baby Ava.

For Sweet Emily

Because we were moving Emily into her "big girl room" and using the nursery for Ava, we wanted to update it a little a create a space that felt a little older but that would still feel girly and fun! I moved many things over from her nursery that were obviously personal to her, and then added some things as well. Now when we say, "Emily, do you want to show them your room," she gets so excited, grabs their hand, and leads them in, spins around, and gets this huge smile on her face. I'd say that's all that matters, then. She loves it, and she's happy. Yay!

Crib: Bye Bye Baby
Teepee: Gift from My Parents (my mom sewed it!)
Hobby Lobby:
Height Chart, Letter "E," Triangle Wall Art, Lindsay Letters Print, Shelf/Frame with Photos
Various Antique Stores:
Mint Changing Table, Gold Lamp, Radio Flyer Trike

For Sweet Ava
I struggled as first as I was thinking about keeping the nursery mostly the same for baby Ava. In my mind, we created the space for Emily and it took a little bit to be able to know that it can also be personal and beautiful for our new baby girl as well. It was quickly that I agreed with Matt. He said, "Sweetheart, you are pregnant and you have a one-year-old. I think you should not expect yourself to create something brand-new. The nursery is beautiful and Ava will love it." He was 100% right.

As time went on, I was actually so thankful for more time in this nursery that we have created with such love, intention, and work. To be able to "pass it down" to Ava was a gift. We added things that were uniquely for her, and kept the things that made complete sense to do so. Check out more pictures of the original nursery

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